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AIS and VHF Transceiver

AIS & VHS Transceiver

AIS (Automatic Identification System) receives real-time vessel traffic information broadcasted by other AIS equipped vessels. Using the optional MA-500TR or MXA-5000, the AIS data can be overlaid on the plotter and radar screen.

DSC call (VHF transceiver required)

The MarineCommander has the capability to be connected to compatible Icom VHF transceivers.* Various types of DSC calls, including individual, group, all ship, position and polling request*, can be initiated from the MarineCommander. Received DSC messages and position information can be shown on the plotter display.

*IC-M604A/M603 firmware upgrade version, IC-M504A/M505 compatible version or IC-M412 is required.
DSC call types available are dependant on VHF transceiver capability.

  • System Overview
  • Multi-function Display
  • Dual MFD
  • Slim and Waterproof
  • Dyalight Viewable MFD
  • Simple operation
  • USB flash drive connection
  • C-MAP MAX compatible
  • Other Features
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